Global Domains International Home Business Facts

An established home business, Global Domains International has been an effective way to build an online income from home for fourteen years now. In this review we show a few of the important pieces of information you must take into consideration before beginning a GDI home business.

Working from home is as popular in 2012 as it has ever been, and Global Domains International remains at the forefront of that industry.

So before making the move to get your GDI affiliate business started, here are a few facts about how this company works. So firstly let’s take care of the number one concern regarding any online business (which often isn’t cleared up for many people), is GDI safe and legal? Actually, yes. Approved by the Better Internet Bureau, certified by the DSA and Federal Trade Commission, GDI is as established as any regular business in the real world and is perfectly safe. Dismiss notions of pyramid schemes or online scams, GDI is as safe as it gets.

Also, the money you earn as an affiliate of GDI is real, genuine money and you are paid every single month via a Paypal transaction from GDI, simple as that.

Like many offline businesses such as Avon or Mary Kay, GDI rewards it’s members for sharing it with others and helping it’s company enjoy new growth. So how does this compensation plan work and what makes it so lucrative?

GDI reward members for introducing new people to the company, and the income you earn is residual. This means you don’t just pick up a commission one time you get paid every single month. This single decision by GDI makes it more lucrative than any other home business of it’s kind by far.

Imagine getting paid new commission each month, for work you did just one time.

There’s more. You also pick up the exact same commission amount when any member of your GDI business grows their business, too. So find a couple of folks who are real serious about becoming their own boss like you and the rewards are literally unlimited. At $10 per month for effectively your own business, you can see why GDI is a popular choice.

A certain area of the company which we’d also like to draw your attention to is the products and services. People tend to fail in GDI when all they are focused on is trying to make money, as they often present their business with little value to appeal to anyone other than those looking to make money online. As a GDI affiliate you receive your own domain name and web hosting tools, meaning you can create your own personal website or blog and use it as you wish. This is very powerful indeed.

For instance, we took our products and created our own fitness website, then learnt how to promote ourselves through GDI’s materials and our blog reaches over two million customers now and was recently featured on tv. All while making money from the affiliate plan, too.

The shocking statistic is more than 80 percent of affiliates fail in the company. This largely comes down to a few easily avoided mistakes, which are as follows…

1) Almost all new affiliates get zero help from their sponsor. No training, tips, replies from emails, nothing.

2) The majority of new affiliates have absolutely no idea how to promote their business on the internet.

3) The sample websites which GDI provides to affiliates are simply not effective any more.

4) Most new affiliates make the big mistake of trying to tell their family members and friends about their new home business. All this does is kill your enthusiasm, as family and friends are not interested or usually increase self doubt as they say everything online is a scam.

You should now know the facts about Global Domains International and how the company works. In doing so, you should also have a clear idea of whether or not this is the business for you. As the world’s top global team in the company we have seen many success stories but also many failures over the last five years. In order to become a successful affiliate you need to hit the ground running and capitalize on your early enthusiasm as well as surround yourself with sponsors who are proven to be long term.

Author: Today’s guide to help you locate your best home based business was created by Russ Howe, who made a five figure income in 20 weeks with Global Domains International.