Golf Swing Basics To Build A Repeatable Golf Swing

Golf swing basics starts with understanding that the mind, your physiology and golf club combined create the swing. This is what might be called the foundation of modelling golfing excellence. The golf swing has many pieces to it from setup, to address to your backswing, downswing, impact and follow through.

On top of this considering your golf mental game is important such as when to think, what to think about, managing your emotions before, during and after the swing as well as being aware of your body throughout the swing. From your approach and setup to completion of the shot. Many golfers start behind the eight ball with poor physical conditioning, no set routines for pre-shot, shot and post shot.

Focus on playing to the target as many golfers make a mistake of simply focusing on hitting the ball. Should be easy right? A simple equation of hit the ball harder and it will go further. Only if you play true to your golf swing plane and it is on line with the line the ball needs to move along. Assuming of course you hit it square.

Most golfers make it more difficult than it needs to be.

Are you playing against yourself before you even get started? Here is just a few ways you might be making it harder than it needs to be.

Your body is unfit, you have tight muscles or restrictions in movement in your joints so it is impossible for you to swing the golf club fully or on a true plane through the ball to your target.

You have not worked out your swing sequence so it is second nature. You are constantly trying to find your golf swing.

You are having internal dialogue throughout your golf swing and so in your head you forget to simply play to the target.

Your golf clubs just don’t feel right, you are stretching or simply too close to the ball in address. The clubs are badly fitted to you affecting your address of the ball.

The golf ball you are using is second hand, out of shape or worse cold which means less distance or worse.

It is time to get back to basics with your golf swing. Here’s what you can do.

Work on finding a groove for a swing you can repeat every single time without fail. Break your whole routine down step by step and master each step one piece at a time.

At the very least stretch and warm up before you play. Stretch and warm your muscles and joints, particularly hips, shoulders, wrists, elbows backs and legs. Practice a few shots with each club in your warm up too.

Start with a solid address of the ball with your feet aligned to the target, your club face square to the ball and line. You really want to have all of your decisions done with by the time you are over the ball and have your emotions in check too. Breathe to let go, relax, get into your body. Focus on your target and the shot you intend to play.

Sometimes it is worth swinging the golf club from shoulder to shoulder and focus on accuracy and control. Take a shorter backswing and you can build strength and power over time.

Notice how you start you backswing. Move your hands, arms, chest and shoulders as one unit. A low and slow backswing with your arms out straight is best.

You want to build your club-head speed in your downswing. At the same time keep your timing, rhythm smooth throughout your swing. Your natural rhythm can be found through the breath. Breathe in on the backswing and out through the downswing through the ball to the target.

Your spine needs to be straight as this is the axis of rotation for the golf swing. Keep that in mind otherwise your swing will be all over the place from vertical and horizontal movement such as swaying or your head moving.

Make the effort to build a solid golf shot routine and focus on the golf swing basics. Slow is fast what I mean is we learn best often in slow motion one step after another to build a repeatable golf swing. Your golf swing is a combination of your mental game, your body and golf clubs working as one in a golf swing that works.

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