Great People and Their Biographies – Awesome Research Papers

All students must write papers in college. Deciding on topics for research papers is easy, when you know exactly where to look. If you love history and people, then selecting a topic concerning biographies is a great choice. The person could have lived long ago, or be a celebrity. Learning the details of other people’s lives, is fascinating, and in order to find biography research paper topics you can use Internet sites also.

Great topics may include:

1. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, a United States president, makes a great topic for a biography research paper. There is a lot of resource material, concerning his time in office, and his private life. The available material is diversified and it’s simply found. He is a fascinating president, that many individuals have not read about.

2. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, is an interesting person, who was an inbuilt part of women’s history in the US. She is making a great subject for a biography research paper, because many students have not studied famous women in history. Researching her will be fascinating for the writer, and readers will enjoy learning about her.

3. Frederick Douglas, an interesting African-American who was nominated to be a VP of the US. He lived a long life, there is a lot of resource material concerning his life. Many students have not heard the important points of his life and history.

4. David D. Farragut, a little-known soldier of Hispanic heritage, who served in the Civil War. Most students have never heard about him, and his significant involvement in the army. In addition, many individuals have had no exposure to famous people of Hispanic heritage.

5. Dr. Feng Shan Ho, who immigrated to the U. S. , after saving thousands of Austrian Jews from being killed during the Holocaust. He’s an almost unknown Asian American, who also served as an ambassador to many states.

When selecting among assorted topics for research papers, choose an individual you’ll enjoy writing about. In addition, there should be adequate research material available to write a comprehensive paper concerning the topic. By selecting an individual , that you enjoy, it will be possible to write with keenness concerning the subject. Sources for a research paper, can include books, movies, articles, personal papers, narratives and interviews. It is very important, to verify facts concerning the topic of this research paper.

There are plenty more good topics for research papers at Select anything you like! For more tips on choosing research paper topics read more helpful articles and learn the techniques of successful research paper writing.