Great Products, Tips For A Homeowner’s Organization

For those in charge of keeping the grounds and water features clean and beautiful for a homeowner’s group, there are many tasks associated with keeping the grass green and the water sparkling. Consider the following ideas for safe, natural and cost-effective ways to deal with the grounds.

When it comes to grass, less is sometimes more. Sure it looks beautiful, but it is expensive to maintain, so minimizing the amount of grass on your common areas can be a way to make maintenance easier. If you do have grass, be sure to plant grass that works well with your climate and soil, as this will be easier to maintain.

Grass or more importantly, the soil below, needs to be fertilized and using organic fertilizing products is almost always the best way to go. Not only are these choices safer for people, pets and wildlife, they tend to nurture the soil rather than simply kill weeds. Healthy soil with the proper pH balance and nutrient levels will actually repel weeds and keep your grass looking great. In addition, consider eliminating those quick every day watering treatments and opt for a really thorough soak a couple of times each week and water in the mornings only.

If you also wish to plant shrubs, trees or flowers, be sure to choose indigenous plants that will really do well in your area. There are plenty of attractive options, and your fellow homeowners will appreciate the reduction in cost you will enjoy from using plants that require less water and maintenance.

If you have a water feature on the grounds, such as a lake or pond, this definitely requires some maintenance to keep it looking its best. There are several natural products out there that are safe for animals and people, contain no chemicals and are even veterinarian approved. These products will keep the water clean and fresh and sparkling, but with much less work that you might think.

One natural choice is the AquaSpherePro, which is a small sphere filled with a special combination of beneficial bacteria. The sphere itself biodegrades into the water over the course of 30 days, and after 30 days have passed, simply add more spheres to keep a clean pond or clean lake. The helpful types of bacteria inside the spheres reduces excessive build up of harmful organic matter, as well as reducing the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorous in the water, which can cause too much algae.

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