Great Tips Regarding Stamping Techniques

While good stamping techniques are by essence not too hard to manage, obtaining clean, crisp image could very often prove challenging especially to amateur technicians who generate stamps. It is recommended to observe several tips which are vital to attaining the best form of outcome. Start by ascertaining that whichever stamp you utilize has been inked well.

It ought to in fact be covered entirely with the ink. There need as well be no particular kind of drag or streak marks present too within it. You should certify that the stamp is entirely free of any slight portion of debris, dirt or fluff. Ensure preparing stamping surface by checking it for firmness and flatness plus covering of some form of scrap paper.

If such piece of paper which you stamp on is rather small, you may wish to then temporarily stick it to that scrap paper with temporary adhesive. After the stamp has been properly inked and paper is ready, ensure to grip the block with firmness on both sides with your fingers. Then, press the stamp straight downwards, image side down, onto stamping surface with the help of slight downward pressure, then lift it straight up.

If your stamp gets larger than intended, employ your other fingers to gently press down mid-section of the stamp. This in effect should ensure every image stamp portion comes out well. Make sure to achieve this by carrying out upward plus downward movements during each practice of producing stamps.

Ensure to press straight downwards then lift straight upwards. Avoid rocking the stamp. Such action when performed in back and forth motions is the mistake done most commonly by stamp-generating professionals. The exercise of rocking could lead to some smeared image if one is not very careful when doing it.

Do therefore transfer any excess ink which may have been lying around, in the stamp or on the block onto project. As well, it is important to be knowledgeable of how much pressure one applies when generating stamps on surfaces. For instance, you will need to apply much more pressure if stamping a huge solid image in comparison to when producing stamps on small image which is delicate.

Diverse stamp forms, which include foam, clear acrylic and rubber are able to withstand extreme pressure levels. As one example, since rubber is firmer material when compared with acrylic, it can bring out harder presses and as standard rule obtain good images still. Acrylic on the other hand, when same pressure levels are applied, gives out an image that looks smeared with ink.

Just in case you have not employed certain type of image before, or some stamp variety, it is prudent first doing test runs before using it in effect. Practice how to stamp that kind of gadget onto a given piece of grid paper and once you are confident of achieving good results, proceed with exercises of generating stamps. Finally, after applying stamping techniques to produce the image targeted, remember that there is need to allow for drying time, which is dependent upon what type of ink is utilized.

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