Hairstyles For Men’s Short And Long Hair

The latest trend in men’s hair styles seems to be shaving the sides and leaving the top. Before styling your hair, you must first evaluate what your hair tends to do naturally and calibrate the hairstyle from there. A case in point would be long and sharp spikes would look great for someone with straight hair but next to impossible to achieve with thick and curly hair.

Occasion-matching men’s hair styles are products of alterations to the length, curl and texture of the hair in different extents. Before selecting your hairstyle, you must first determine the amount of time you are willing to spend in styling your hair every morning after you wake up. A hairstyle that does not shy away too much from its natural look is the best alternative for men who expect to spend as little time as possible in styling their hair.

The maintenance of men’s hair styles need more than water and a comb. You may need a hair mousse to add volume and shine to the hair. You may require pomade, hair wax or hair clay to mold the hair in difficult-to-achieve shapes.

Gel and hair glue are the other products that can be used for the maintenance of men’s long hairstyles. Alcohol is an ingredient in gel that is not present in pomade. This dries out the hair and provides a stiffer hold to it. For the strongest possible hold of the hair, hair glue is the best bet.

Consideration of the situation is a must in the maintenance of men’s long hairstyles. Evaluation for the reason behind the hairstyle is a requirement. Mohawks and spikes are not the type of hairstyles that can make a good impression, especially for a man meeting the parents of her fiancee. The occasion where it is to be worn must be matched by the worn hairstyle.

Almost all men’s long hairstyles comb the hair in one primary direction, i.e., forward, back, up, to the side or straight down. A man can find what direction works for his face best through the experimentation with different directions.

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