Halloween Super Hero Costumes

Halloween can be an enjoyable time of year. Not simply for children but for adults as well. After all, what person doesn’t enjoy getting dressed up as their favorite ghoul, goblin, super hero, or bad guy, and go out trick-or-treating or to a Halloween party. Halloween is an event recognized around the world and in nearly every nation as there are seasonal and religious associations which are popular. It has been in existence for almost 500 years.

There is some speculation over the beginning of Halloween(not the name) but the occasion. A number of historians link it to the Roman feast of Pomona, who was the goddess of fruits and seeds. Others believe it started as Parentalia, the “festival of the dead”. It is however, more frequently associated with the Celtic festival known as Samhain, a Gaelic event that honors the conclusion of summertime.

The name “Halloween” is more commonly connected with the Scottish version of “All-Hallows-Eve”, or, the night preceding All-Hallows-Day or All Saints day. It originated in 1556, and through the ages All-Hallows-Eve grew to become Halloween. Halloween is October 31st, and is commemorated world wide, though not every cultures observe on this date. Some nations celebrate on the second Tuesday in December.

There is a lot of symbolism and imagery associated with Halloween which has evolved over the years many societies and movements have contributed to it. Most notably are the Jack-o’-lantern, Dracula, ghosts, death, evil, and dark scary themes. Black and orange are Halloween’s official colors. Halloween has spawned an entire industry of costume manufacturers and each year the most recent trend of popular movies and characters contributes to offerings. Additionally, there are a number of activities that have become customs of Halloween. Trick-or-treating is among the most popular. Kids nationwide dress up and go house to house in their neighborhoods amassing candy and goodies. There are Halloween celebrations, prank playing, games for instance bobbing for apples, and attending haunted houses & graveyards.

Among the most popular foods at Halloween are candy or caramel apples, candy corn, popcorn, apple cider, and baked pumpkin seeds. Many other cultures have traditional foods they prepare such as Ireland’s barmbrack that is a fruit bread.

Halloween symbolizes the season of the harvest and represents the conclusion of summer. Fall in the northern hemisphere is when the weather turns cool and cultures harvest their crops in preparation of winter. Many people maintain it is their favorite season citing cooler weather, back to school, the start of the American Football season, and many other reasons. All in all it is a great time and remains an important part of the calendar year.

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