Healthy Air Tips Offered By Stuart FL Air Conditioning & Heating Service For Homes And Offices

When they hear the term air pollution, most individuals think of smog and other outdoor problems. However, the atmosphere inside your home or office may be more polluted than that found outside the home. A Stuart air conditioning & heating service offers the following tips for easier breathing.

Keep the floors clean. There are chemicals and allergens that accumulate inside the home, particularly in the flooring. Minimize these allergens by using a good quality vacuum with a HEPA filter. The filter is essential to keep the device from blowing many harmful compounds back into the room. Be sure you also clean walls, edges of floors and upholstery. Mop hard floors on a regular basis.

Strive to keep the humidity in the home in the range of 30% to 50%. At these levels, mold and dust mites are less likely to grow. In the summer, when humidity is higher than the HVAC unit can control, add a humidifier. Basements should be vented when possible. When cooking or bathing, be sure to turn on the exhaust fan to remove excess moisture.

Do not smoke in your home. Second hand smoke is full of carcinogens and other chemicals that affect health of residents. There is help available to allow you to successfully stop this habit.

Test your home for radon. This colorless, odorless gas is radioactive. It increases the risk that one will suffer from conditions, including lung cancer. Homes equipped with granite counter tops are more likely to have elevated radon content.

Change HVAC filters regularly. Balance the need for better filtration with energy efficiency. The filter protects mechanical equipment and traps many sources of indoor pollution. Under dusty conditions change filters monthly. At the very least all filters require replacement every three months. Have the unit serviced and examined for potential carbon monoxide leaks annually.

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