Healthy Vending Machine Food Selections

Vending machines and healthy eating do not always go together. Since obesity has become a major issue even among children, a lot of parents have started to grow increasingly worried about the kinds of foods their kids are eating. While parents make available healthier selections in their homes, schools have also stepped up with providing snack and meal options that are beneficial to the health. They do this by offering cambridge healthy vending.

Products which are made of enriched whole grains would be great choices. They are not only good sources of fiber but are also low on saturated fat. These products contain B vitamins and iron with limited fats of less than five grams. Foods that are high in saturated fats and trans can increase possibility of the suffering from coronary artery diseases. Among the healthier choices within the category are snack breads, crackers, grain-based bars or chips, cookies and muffins.

Vegetables or fruits are all great sources of vitamins A and C. They also contain various nutrients and fiber. Dried fruits can be great selections if they are part of meals. Relatively, intake of beverages made from fruits and vegetables should be limited to only 250 milliliters. The serving equivalent of this amounts to two vegetables or fruits. Fruit sauces, juices, canned and dried fruits are often considered great selections.

There are many vending machines providing low fat milks as well as yogurts. These products can be good for your health as they contain both vitamin D and calcium. Children, most especially, are the ones most in need of calcium since they are growing individuals. Intake amount can be reduced gradually, as they grow. You may opt getting fortified soy beverages, flavored milk and milk puddings as well.

There are some machines that also offer breakfast selections. These usually contain prepackaged, individual servings of oatmeal, hot cereals, cold cereals and breakfast bars. Sugary cereals may sometimes be offered, but those who are maintaining healthy diets may want to lay off these selections.

Granola, a healthy treat consisting of ingredients like fruit nuts, rolled oats and honey, may be a good choice as well. Fruits, as well as rolled oats, promote easy digestion. Antioxidants that help in strengthening the body immune systems are contained in these products. However, one should exercise moderation when taking in this food product as it is high on sugar.

It is recommended that buyers select leaner poultry, fish and meat. There are some vending machines that offer ham or turkey sandwiches. Beans, lentils and dried peas would also be great choices in the category. These are good sources of B vitamins and iron. They are also products low on sodium. Because of the increasing number of people with nut allergies, nuts or peanuts may not be offered anymore.

Recommended food choices are those which are low in fat, sodium and saturated fat. They should also at least be sources of vitamins or minerals. Plain popcorn, baked chips and pretzels are all great selections. Water has long been considered the healthiest beverage choice.

Some states run on legislation regulating the food products in cambridge healthy vending machines. For instance, schools in Hawaii only make available healthier drinks and nutritious food options. California also run on standards which only allow the sale of foods with less than 10 percent saturated fat.

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