Heavy Equipment 101 – Basic Information On Heavy Machinery

What is it that fills your mind when you hear someone made a mention of bulldozer, excavator or backhoe? If you’re like everybody, you would have pictures of construction sites running through your mind. Why not, these pieces of heavy equipment are often involved in earthwork operations? But what is heavy equipment, heavy machinery or construction equipment, after all?

Other names are used to refer to these. You would probably encounter construction plant, earth movers, engineering vehicles or plainly, equipment. Regardless, by technical definition, the term refers to heavy-duty vehicles that are intended for construction tasks. In that, it constitutes any of the following: civil engineering vehicles, utility vehicles mostly employed in construction, agriculture and forestry and heavy hauling equipment which includes but is not limited to trucks, trailers and their variations. Generally, each piece of equipment is designed to perform a specific function although modern innovations made it possible for some machines to have different capabilities.

The market has available a long list of these pieces of machinery or equipment. But basically, they fall under general categories – earth moving, heavy lifting, demolition, transporting and excavation. The earth-moving equipment like skid steer loader, bulldozers, steam shovels and steamrollers are those that function to remove, smooth, grade and deposit dirt. They are mostly employed in construction, agriculture and road projects.

On the other hand, heavy lifting equipment consists of those pieces of machinery that move concrete blocks, steel girders and other building materials in construction sites. Cranes and forklifts fall under this category. The demolition category as the name implies include equipment used to demolish buildings such as concrete shears, wrecking balls and hydraulic hammers. As far as transporting equipment are concerned, log loaders and tractor-trailers form part of the category. They are designed to transport items that may include large heavy items like cut logs and concrete as well as light or heavy machines. Lastly, there are excavators that dig earth, gravel, sand, etc. Backhoes are an example of these.

The equipment to be used depends on the kind of project to be carried out but in most cases each type will have its representation on the site. Those who would be tasked to acquire the said equipment has the option to buy or rent. If you deem rental as the better choice, then visit Hertz Equip.

This has a wide selection of high quality equipment. But before you do this, ensure that you are well aware of the exact piece of equipment required for the completion of the project. Machines are available in different sizes, models, brands and capacity. Have these settled before you check its availability online.

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