Helpful Email Marketing Tips for Mobile

Over the past years, there has been massive change with the way people communicate. Letters have been sent and written less per year and calls have been done less often with telephones. These traditional means of communication have been replaced, though not completely with email and mobile phones, two of the most powerful mode of communication.

One of the most known marketing strategies these days is email marketing. It gained favorable reviews out of the facts that it is easy to do and doesn’t require a huge budget, time and effort. And the best thing is, it is proven to be effective.

Email marketers these days should then take into consideration the growing changes in the way people accessed to information. Aside from computer, one of the most popular tool by which people view information from the internet is through the mobile phone.

Although this practice is widely used, not all those who engage in email marketing succeeded. One of the factors seen among those who are unsuccessful is their failure to consider the technological changes. Only a minority has taken into consideration the growing number of users who are checking their emails more often with their mobile phones than computer. Effective email marketing in mobile requires the following:

1. Short subject lines

Because of the limited screen display of mobile phones, web entrepreneurs/marketers should consider keeping their subject lines as short as possible. The subject line must be relevant to the content yet interesting and short at the same time.

2. Come up with a concise text copy

Not only should you make your subject line short but also your text copy. Go directly to your point. Avoid placing unnecessary information as this will only frustrate your readers especially when they still have to scroll down just to understand your idea.

3. Choose the text over html

Multimedia-rich content is awesome but not with mobile phone users who will be having a hard time scrolling the message. If you’re considering this population, you better opt for the text format. However, these days there are now email marketing software that’s capable of sending message BOTH in text and html. If you have a software like this, then that would be great!

4. Check your links

One thing that you shouldn’t forego before hitting the ‘send’ button is checking for the presence of broken links. Make sure that links in your message works fine. Broken links are a definite cause of annoyance among clients.

5. Mind the size of your email

Consider all elements of your campaign and see to it that the email’s overall size won’t pose any problem from computer to mobile phone users.

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