Hiding Your IP Address – Actual Proxy Software

Internet technology has been one of the best ever discoveries and findings of Human history. This technology has revolutionized the transfer of information and the process of communication. Internet has cut down distances and has redefined interaction in a totally new manner. Every person uses the Internet for a different purpose. Some might want to share information, some might want to gain knowledge and some might use it for several other reasons.

People treat Web as a roller coaster whose riders can easily see any destination they need without revealing any facets of the character or identity. The concept is sweet it is certainly not actual. In actual Web is a method where we have all an address recognized as IP address and it is revealed whenever we use the Web.

To prevent this revelation of IP address, for several aspects along with the principal being protection, numerous tools are used by people. A few of the best tools are IP Hiders and Proxy.

IP Hiders are tools that permit consumers to read sites and fetch mandated information without exposing their identity or IP to the hosts. This techniques is commonly recognized as “anonymous surfing”. IP Hiders especially masks your IP from all the demanded website and therefore spares you from reducing important personalized information to strangers.

Proxy is another technique of securing yourself and your system from identity and personal information theft. Using the proxy technique when you make a request on the internet, suppose downloading a video, than for the requested web page the request appears to have come from the assigned proxy’s IP address. Consequently this requested webpage responds to the proxy’s IP address and hence your computer is prevented from being exposed to intruders or other intimidating subjects. Proxy servers are easily available on the Internet for user convenience. Some servers offer services free of charge on a small scale while others charge a premium on per annum or per month basis.

It is presumed that such identity securing and veiling tools are utilized by users who tend to step towards something illegitimate and unacceptable. In some cases it is true but it is not the case always. Sometimes examination information is tapped from university computers using IP address information, and sometimes bank accounts are secured using IP Hiders. So it’s all part of this technology enigma and what we have to do is to make the most of this technology in a positive direction.

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