Horror Films That Are Beyond Terror

Everyone has a certain fear over something or someone. It is a very normal feeling. No matter how strong a person always seems to be, there will always be some things that will scare him or her. Sometimes a fear can be very real and as tangible as the person next to you is, but most experts agree that fear is fed by the mind. The only way for one to triumph over it is to face it yourself, be it as weird as a very uncommon phobia for mirrors also known as spectrophobia.

This inherent fear of fear has made horror films quite productive in the film industry. Nobody can resist the urge to sit down to a good old scare fest, even if you know you will be shouting yourself hoarse from all the macabre scenes. This genre is where Lucio Fulci is well known for, and the book Beyond Terror by Stephen Edward Thrower celebrates the ingenuity that made Fulci one of a kind.

Fulci was born on the 17th of June in the year 1927. He was an Italian film director, screenwriter, and actor all in one. He is known at present as the Godfather Of Gore for all his masterpieces that paved the way for zombie movies and other subgenres of the classic horror film.

It is easy to assume, based on his perfectly made horror films, that he has started very early off on the road to macabre. Contrary to popular belief, Fulci was actually once a med student when he was at the university. He just employed the knowledge that he had gained about the human anatomy to give a new hair rising definition to the word torture.

When he finally stopped med school, he was, for a time, employed as an art critic. This job helped him gain a better understanding of art and what really defines beauty, which is incorporated in his most brilliant masterpieces. When he had finally gotten round to the world of film, young and eager Fulci went on to be a comedy screenwriter. His ambitious nature landed him a directing job, working closely with the most brightest and most successful comedians of the day. But even so, he has not acquired fame and the movies he made were only so so.

It is still quite a mystery to the fans how he had decided to transfer to the horror department, but it was a very wise decision on his part. He gained much respect from fellow Italians with his controversial film Dont Torture A Duckling. The film itself bravely tackled sensitive issues that earned the tag as anti Catholic, which only heightened its popularity.

Fulci also extensively uses the zombie theme is most of his films. As a matter of fact, he shot to fame on an international level with Zombi 2, the first of many zombie films to come. In most European countries, people were made to believe that the movie was the sequel to another zombie flick that aired before. This amped up the sales and made Fulci a household name.

Most of his films are given an R rating by distributors due to the intense graphic scenes that it features. He has become a master of injury to the eye scenes, wherein the human eyeball is either pierced or pulled out of its socket. When he went into a partnership with another famous Italian screenwriter, Fulci has managed to make the most violent and gory films in the history of movies, which made him the favorite of horror fans until today.

You can come to learn more about this director by a book by one of his most devoted fans, Stephen Thrower. The copy also features an introduction by the daughter, Antonella. It is deemed by many to be the greatest testament to the Grandfather of Gore.

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