How A Low Carb Diet And Low Carb Recipes Help You Lose Pounds Fast

As more countries enjoy an increased standard of living, they inadvertently become part of a world-wide obesity epidemic. This happens for many reasons, including work, living habits, and especially changes in traditional foods. Many people find themselves on a roller coaster ride of great gain, followed by self-induced starvation. This yo-yo process is exhausting, and causes many to turn to the promises of a low carb diet and low carb recipes.

These methods are not new. Many have been promoted for years, and have alternately been praised and vilified. Millions of dollars have been made by selling books and products that promote this method of weight loss. For many people, eliminating excess carbohydrate intake seems to simply be another food fad. In truth, this way of eating is not mysterious, does not contain any special secret product, but it actually does work. Decreasing intake results in the consumption of stored fat when energy is needed.

Far from being evil, carbohydrates are the sugars and starches fueling humans and most other animals. They are essential for the maintenance of good health, and should not be totally eliminated. Not so essential, however, is the processing our modern food industry willingly utilizes to make them taste better, thus selling more. Humans love the crunch, excess salt and sugar of many processed products, some of which play an important role in our everyday diet. Nations previously not relying on processed foods find their waistlines growing along with living standards, because wealthy societies in general eat vast quantities of refined products.

Processing takes whole grains and removes the healthiest parts, turning them into unbalanced and unhealthy ingredients. Vegetables such as potatoes are made into snack foods, cooked in unhealthy oils and doused with salt and artificial flavor. Green vegetables routinely are served covered in fat laden, sugary sauce. White rice is a staple food in many countries, even though the most nutritious parts are routinely discarded.

A good dietary regimen should not only remove the extra, unneeded amounts of starches and sugars, but should also emphasize that the remainder should be whole and unprocessed. When this is done, something magical happens. Those losing weight no longer are tormented by hunger and food cravings, and the metabolism usually improves. The body makes better use of real food, and the weight starts to drop, especially in conjunction with exercise.

For those with diabetes or currently developing it, this type of diet also cuts down blood glucose levels. Many people enjoy decreased blood pressure, and normal insulin levels. Some find they do not crave sugary snack foods as much, and have an increased energy level. Others are able to think more clearly, and find themselves experiencing fewer mood swings. Most are able to control compulsive food consumption.

Promoting a particular brand for this category of dieting is useless, because they all accomplish the same thing. Cutting back means eating more vegetables of all kinds, and fewer foods containing processed grains. All recommend eating meat, but in general have an emphasis on fish and poultry rather than high fat beef. Even so, constant overeating will not result in weight loss, regardless. Dieters must always monitor their food intake and awareness.

Low carb diet and low carb recipes are readily available. They can be found free of charge on various websites, as can ways to successfully follow this type of diet. Only those people willing to make a real change in their eating habits will be long-term weight losers. While there really are no magic weight loss pills, eliminating extra starches and sugars is one proven way to lose weight without causing lasting damage to the body.

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