How Do Various Stakeholders Use The Arsenal Calendar?

People want to be associated with the things they love. This association may be depicted in a variety of ways such as talking about it and trying to woo your friends to join you where your passion is. English teams attract a huge fanatical following from all parts of the world with supporters of any team wanting to talk about them passionately. This also makes it easy to create new friendships since you have a unifying thing which makes people feel free to interact with others. Having an arsenal calendar is one of the signs of showing how much you love gunners in addition to following what the team is doing.

It shows all events that gunners will be involved in during a certain period of time such as a season or year. This makes it easy for interested parties to follow up on all games and other appearances which are of interest to them. They are also able to see prior period performances or games and even contribute to debates about this club.

Having a plan makes it easy for players to also make various arrangements since some of them are players in their respective countries. They can therefore adequately practice for various matches to guarantee a win or a draw. It is only through practice that players can build strong team chemistry and coordination therefore minimizing any avoidable mistakes.

Every person has their own life which is separate from their profession. Time should be planned in a manner that does not conflict with private time or negatively affect performance due to poor training. They should therefore have a schedule of all team activities and instill a time keeping spirit on players to make it possible to achieve various objectives.

Fans always want to follow up to know the new acquisitions of the club in terms of players. This makes them evaluate whether the season would work for their benefit or not. All this should be included in the schedule for this club to make it easy for people to follow up.

There is need for all investors to understand when a transfer window opens and closes to ensure they are not locked out before making a decision. This means money for the owners of the club therefore the need to budget on ways of maximizing the value of gunners. The club must always operate at a profit to be a viable venture.

Fans also need to understand when matches will be held to make it easy for them to plan on such expenditures for tickets. Tickets are usually quite expensive therefore some savings should be made slowly. People therefore do not have to struggle too much to afford such tickets since the savings are accumulated over a long time.

The 2013 arsenal calendar is a must have for all gunners fans. Numerous copies should be placed in different items including cars, walls, books, utensils and on the wall therefore telling the world that you love gunners and are proud about it. People with similar interests find it easy to start a conversation since they are certain about your support for the club.

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