How far would you travel for an apprenticeship?

Have you made up your mind that the earning and learning route is your best way forward? And have you been hunting high and low for that ideal apprenticeship? Are you sure about what sector you’re going to work in, and what kind of qualifications you need… but there’s nothing available around you? Now, the big question is: how far are you willing to travel?

When it comes to travelling for an apprenticeship, there’s a lot to think that. Obviously, transport is a major concern: if it’s regular and efficient, with good routes as well, then life is going to be a lot easier – and so will your apprenticeship. If, however, routes are difficult and transport is less predictable, then you might want to reconsider travelling for that particular apprenticeship.

Linked in with this is time. Is there enough time to get to where you are going before your course or job starts? If the routes and timescales are realistic then it could work out fine, if it is going to be a close call then perhaps it is not worth the risk. After all being late frequently will put you in the bad books of employees and colleges!

So much depends on how much your chosen apprenticeship is going to suit you. If it’s absolutely, positively and definintely what you want, then you need to be prepared to make some kind of compromise. You may have to get up earlier every day… and come back home later. If you’re of the opinion that a compromise like that is a small part to pay for a greater opportunity in the long-term, then by all means go for it. But be realistic: there’s no point in operating like this if you feel you might lose your incentive halfway through your apprenticeship.

After all, an apprenticeship can last for up to four years. It would be unrealistic to assume you won’t get fed up with the kind of compromises you may have to make over time. Perhaps it would be better to look for a more local apprenticeship. You may even find, after some research, a closer apprenticeship would be just as good as the one you had your heart set on in the first place. But there’s always one further option: if you really have your heart set on an apprenticeship that you know it absolutely perfect for you, since you’re going to get paid throughout your training it may be worth moving closer and renting a room or sharing a flat or house for the duration.

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