How Kettlebells Changed My World

After numerous months of working out with free weights and not seeing the anticipated results, I decided to look for something else. I found an article online about kettlebells, a new trend in the fitness community. After doing additional research on kettlebells, I found that they looked really interesting and I would give them a shot.

After choosing kettlebells over free weights, I started looking for gyms or trainers that would help me learn the proper kettlebell exercises. I came across a gym near my house with licensed trainers and asked them about starting. I made a schedule with the assistance of the trainers and started to train soon after.

I found that as soon as I started training with kettlebells I definitely loved it; it was just what I was looking for. I was starting to see better results, at a faster pace, and the coaches were keeping me more motivated than I had been on my own. I found myself liking the unconventional form of fitness that surrounds kettlebells. Although I really enjoyed working out with kettlebells, I still found I wanted something more.

I continued to look for another workout routine to push myself that included training with kettlebells. I wanted to find a thorough full body regimen. My goal was not just to go the the gym everyday, but to train and feel like an athlete once again. While conducting my search for an all-inclusive workout, I found CrossFit.

Being an ex-athlete, CrossFit and kettlebells provided me with the challenge that I wanted and was accustomed to. CrossFit gave me a really intense workout. It is extremely taxing on the body, but the results it gives are very rewarding; I had the scintillating feeling that I was training to be a champion.

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