How Post Civil War Gowns Differ From The Previous Fashion Sense

In the early times, the fashion industry differed greatly with the current trends. To be specific, most cloths worn by both men and women was simple, but majorly characterized by long flaring gowns for women, robes and hats for men. This of course has undergone many phases of change right to the current skimpy and tight as well as elegant and classy dresses worn by women today. The post civil war gowns differ in many ways from the previous ones, more so because the previous women had less to choose from especially in terms of fabrics. Most of theirs were made from wool, since it was readily available, cheap and warm.

There is a great deal of difference between the pre-war and post war fashion sense. Unlike the past era, the current designs are simple but elegant in various aspects. Currently, many materials are available unlike the previous times where wool was the predominant type of material. Despite the lack of materials and other resources used to make gowns in the past, most of them were gracefully made. An average woman would have many day dresses, but had to keep away a few for special occasions. They also wore petticoats and other undergarments.

Women belonging to the upper class upper class, such as wives and daughters of rich merchants and the noble had dresses and frocks for different occasions. More distinct were the ball gowns, all elegant and splendid, made in expensive materials like taffeta or silk. Corsets and petticoats were also part of their overall dressing of any woman during such times.

Weather determined the fashion of the day. Women used their parasols or bonnets as a measure against some specific weather conditions. These included both sunny and rainy days. Jewelry was also valued highly, but most of them used flowers and lockets as accessories.

Hair fashions on the other hand also differed greatly with the modern woman style. Ladies in this period used hair pomades and other oils to keep their hair in place. Snoods and bun covers were also common accessories for the head. They often patted their hair in the middle going downwards. One could also pin it in a fashionable way especially during certain occasions.

Shoes were also found in different unique designs. Most women during this era did not have the luxury of owning many different shoe types. They used a pair for different occasions. This is quite different from the modern woman of this century.

The favorite shoes of these times were the lace up boots. These could be worn with almost any gown, and were made in fashionable European style. With the onset of the war however, most women could not afford them thus had to wear shoes made in course materials.

Fashion dominates the world. Both the post civil war gowns and those prior to the war are distinct in their unique ways. In most cases, the designs made today are a reflection of the past designs. They are often altered in one way or another to suit the modern woman. However, despite the challenges of the previous era, woman in those times were graceful and tasteful in their dressing styles.

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