How Radio Can Increase Salon Profits and Revenue

One of the channels for selling that may reach a particularly large audience is the radio. Instead of stumping up for fixed advertisements, you can barter for free airtime and run monthly campaigns to sponsor prizes and giveaways.

This kind of support will generate regular free press for you.

Start a list of the local radio stations in your area and list them according to acceptance and demo-graphics. You will be capable of finding all this info online together with the most relevant contact information.

Prepare previously and spend a tiny bit of time listening to each one and getting familiar with the daily programming and advertisers. Formulate your system before approaching the applicable call maker, often the producer or station manager. By offering to sponsor prizes and giveaways for their listeners, it is not likely they're going to turn you down. Even if you're refused, you've got many more other stations to contact!

The types of promotions:

1. On a fixed day of each month/week, listeners can call in to reply to a trivia question and win prizes to your salon.

2. Sponsor a particular programme during the day and give away prizes during the airing of the program.

3. Offer special promotions during special occasions and vacations.

4. Offer to conduct a talk show call-in format for free in exchange for the exposure.

Otherwise, if the radio stations aren't open to these kinds of promotions, compare advertising rates among the various stations and test out one of them for a test period to determine effectiveness.

By mixing your marketing and advertising reach, you will highly increase the reply. You will already have print advertising in place and adding ‘on radio ‘ advertising will boost your brand recognizability. It typically takes more than one medium of marketing to reach out to a possible customer.

Just be sure to measure the reply!

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