How To Choose A Blog Host

Choosing the right host for a blog is the starting point towards building a successful site. There are so many hosting internet websites advertising themselves all over the web that it can seem overwhelming to select just one. Where should a new blogger start when considering all of the hosting options available to them?

Free or Paid?

There are several free platforms on the net that will permit you to set up a free blog in just a few minutes. These services are simple to use, come with many options for site design, and are free. For someone who just wants to attempt blogging, and is not ready to commit to investing in a domain and paying for hosting, free hosting is a superb selection.

The most popular free blog hosts are Blogger, WordPress, and Typepad, however, many other popular services exist, including LiveJournal and Tumblr.

What the free option lacks is a custom domain name. Also, free blog hosting services often make it challenging to sell advertising space on the blog. The blogger who is willing to pay some money upfront for a custom domain name should narrow their search down to paid hosts specializing in hosting blogs.

Many hosting services, such as or, make it easy to set up a blog on a custom domain. The hosting services come with tools which allow the user to install a WordPress or similar platform’s blog on their domain name. The blogger can then log into a very user-friendly platform to modify their blog.

A blogger can expect to pay between $4 and $12 per month for a decent host, with plenty of space. The monthly price is dependent upon how many years of hosting are purchased, and payment is normally required up front. This can seem like a large investment to make at once, but if you buy two years of hosting at a time, monthly costs are suprisingly low, and there will be no more hosting payments to make over those 2 years.

The new blogger will also need to invest in a domain name. Frequently, the best choice is to purchase a domain name through the chosen hosting website, as it is very easy to get started using the domain name immediately. It might be cheaper to purchase the domain through a different service, but it’s going to take extra effort to get that domain linked to the hosting account.

Typically considered among the top paid hosting sites for bloggers are,,,, and

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