How To Choose Your Bags

There are so many kinds and styles of bags nowadays. For the fashion enthusiasts, they would really take time to choose the right one for them. Because of their effort they’d really look good. Their bag would really complement their outfit.

You might wonder how this is done. It’s simply all about choosing a bag that would match your own personality and fashion sense. Since there are so many types and styles, you need to pick which ones would work for you.

There are basic styles of bag and most of the designs are based on them. These styles suit certain body types, personalities and occasions. Below are some tips in choosing the best bag for you:

1. Tote bag-is among the most popular types of handbags. It can go from medium sized to big ones. What distinguishes the tote apart from the rest is its pocket. It has one big compartment for everything. This makes it totally accessible. It works great for daily use of busy people who just stuff everything inside. Most body shapes and sizes are fine with totes but those on the petite side should be careful with oversized totes as they make them appear shorter.

2. Clutches-these loots come in small to medium sizes. They are utypically carried by hand. You’d usually see them being worn in formal events. Clutches look good with long dresses or cocktails. Those at the plumper side should be careful with clutch sizes. Bringing something too small can make you look humongous.

3. Messenger bag-This is the best type for people who are often up and about. It is a shoulder or sling bag that has lots of pockets. You can usually adjest the straps to your desired length. This type works really well for those who want things organized while on the go. These are just a few of the types of bags and their uses.

This article is a guide in choosing which bag to use. To know more about how to choose a bag, click here: Handbags