How to Clear Airport Security with Ease

Back in the earlier days preceding 9/11 it had been determined that the country if not the world as a whole would increase security at airport terminals in or to prevent such a crisis from occurring once again. Departments such as the TSA were created to help with the process of more fully vetting airplane passengers. With the ever increase time it would take to clear airport security however; came the advent of a service called Clear Me. Though it went bankrupt within a few years since then it has made a comeback and will conceivably one day be at every terminal in the country.

Clear Me is a fully functioning service that allows subscribers to bypass the first initial stages of airport security at participating airports. This is accomplished by presenting a special biometric identification card to security at the proper checkpoints. Though it won’t get you passed every line it’s said to be capable of dropping your wait time down about 20 to 30 minutes.

A person can’t just sign up for Clear Me without supplying any information. In order to qualify for the service one must submit a series of documents and data. This information includes multiple forms of government issued IDs, a fingerprint and iris scan and passing a Lexus Nexus background check. Once you’ve completed the process and agreed to the yearly fee of around $200 and received your personalized biometric ID card you’re good to go and face the TSA.

Some people however are still on the fence about whether or not Clear Me is actually worth it. Is it in actuality worth giving up of such personal information and pay nearly an extra $200 a year just to; clear airport security 20 or 30 minutes quicker than you typically would? Some people may disagree with the entire notion of Clear Me but preceding its bankruptcy in 2009 they had nearly 200,000 customers. For some; it’s clearly worth it.

Whether or not you believe in Clear Me it’s coming back and maybe this time will be here to stay. By honoring the memberships of all prior members Clear Me is certainly on a good start to stability and success this time around. It behooves any frequent flier to not at least consider the advantages to what Clear Me has to offer.

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