How To Conduct A Home Inspection

If you were shopping for a house and you have finally found one that you really like, make sure you have it inspected. You may either choose to perform the home inspection on your own or have a home inspector come in and give it a thorough check. Before spending money on a professional, you may want to check it yourself as a way of assessing whether you will like what you will find.

A residential assessment is very easy to conduct. You do not have to go looking for dark corners and all. You will be assessing what is exactly in front of you.

This will include checking whether the flooring is smelly and also looking at the condition of this carpet. Where the carpet has been placed to cover from wall to wall, be sure to lift it in one corner in order to take a look at the floor beneath it. Examine the floor for the presence of holes and cracks.

Take your time to check the ceiling before moving from one room to another. The ceiling is clearly the easiest place to assess. Where a water mark is noted on it, it will mean that something is wrong with the roof.

Apart from missing shingles, there is a need to determine whether this roof looks old and in need of repairs. Old and faded roofs will indicate that the entire roof must be replaced. This is something that could cost you between two thousand and five thousand dollars depending on how big the house is.

While still at a safe distance, observe the general condition of this roof. A roof that looks really old and faded could be a sign that it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Be sure to note down all the findings that you come across.

A professional inspector will walk around the house as he looks for some crawling space. The crawling space is used to check under the floor boards for any mold signs. Not all properties will have the crawl space as some are constructed using the slab foundation model.

From here, you will need to check your electrical wiring system. Go from room to room as you turn all lights on and off. Note the results.

Do not forget to also examine the air ducts that are present. Air ducts tend to be quite sensitive and can be used to get mold in to the house from the basement. A clean white towel can be placed in to the ducts to check whether there is mold present before coming up with a solution on what should be done.

It is only after you have completed the assessment that you can now sit down and go through the notes that you had made. From these notes, you can be able to decide on whether to proceed with the purchase or start looking elsewhere. It all depends on how much damage has taken place.

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