How To Create Your Own Pressed Flower Art

With their bright colors and intoxicating scents, flowers aid the plants in the process of reproduction. They attract nectar-eating insects such as bees and butterflies and allow pollen to stick to the bodies of their predators. These insects, in turn, pass the pollen on to other plants as they flit from flora to flora.

Flowers are also used for many things. They are extremely popular gifts for any occasion. They are also used in decoration. Grand events and receptions are never complete without floral arrangements adorning the venue. They can also be used in pressed flower art.

This kind of art allows one to make lots of things using preserved blooms. These flowers are then used in all sorts of creative projects such as lamp shades, cards, framed decors, and the like. You can use all of these for that romantic touch inside your home, or sell your products to augment the family income.

There are three varied ways to press flowers. You can do it the traditional way using a book. You can use a flower press. Or, you can even use the microwave if you can not wait for weeks for it to dry.

Whatever method you are planning to choose, you have to have the flower first. Flat ones such as forget me not are easier to press due to their shape, as slightly round ones like chrysanthemums are much harder to work upon. But, round or flat, you are at the liberty to choose the variety you like to use in your art. Just make sure that it is totally dry before working on it.

For the classic take on floral pressing, you will need a big and heavy book. You can use thick volumes of an encyclopedia for this. Near the back, rim a page with any paper. Place the floret on top, in a face down stance. Cover it with another sheet of paper then close the book down and press.

You can also use the microwave oven. Prepare two ceramic tiles bound together with a rubber band. Turn one tile over and place a piece of cardboard on top of the inverse side. Put the flower on top, still face down. Carefully place another piece of cardboard then the second tile. Make sure this tile has its right side facing you. Bind them all in place using rubber bands then microwave it intermittently until it has dried completely.

The last is the use of a press. You can make one by getting two flat sheets of wood and placing four screws at each corner. Same as the first two methods, you have to sandwich the blossom in between two sheets of paper then slip it between the wood and screw them tightly. After a few weeks you will have your perfectly pressed bloom which you can use in numerous crafts.

Once you already have your dried florets, you can use them in framed pictures. All you need is get a piece of paper, arrange your dried flowers and some leaves, them frame. You can use these to adorn your room or give them away as gifts.

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