How to Direct a Higher Amount of Twitter Traffic to Your Blog

Twitter is an awesome tool for bloggers who want to share their blog socially and obtain traffic. Below are a few suggestions for getting more people to your blog.

Know Your Market: If you want to drive up your blog’s traffic levels you need to have a deep understanding of your niche and which people are most likely to be interested in your posts. Thanks to the people who tweet on a regular basis, Twitter is a very active social hub that bustles with activity. This is why you need to understand your niche: so you can customize your tweets accurately. After you’ve gotten your niche all figured out, the next thing you need to do should be to create some beautiful tweets that will help you send traffic to your blog. The people on Twitter are mainly looking for immediately usable information and if your blog has this, there won’t be any looking back for you. Be sure that your chosen niche has a broad appeal because if your niche is too small generating traffic through Twitter is going to be kind of difficult. So ensure that you have everything figured out beforehand so that you can get into the Twitter traffic generation game with full throttle.

Post Frequently: Because Twitter is such an active place it is easy to forget about all sorts of different types of users. Posting regularly to your blog gives you insurance both in terms of making sure that people don’t forget about you and that they take real action when you do tweet. The more content you’re able to publish on your blog, the more tweets you’ll be able to send out. There are many bloggers that are struggling to use Twitter as a traffic source but the only reason they aren’t able to succeed is because they don’t have much activity going on, on their blog. The size and scope of your posts isn’t what is the most important as long as they offer real value so think about publishing more often. Using Twitter for traffic is all about understanding the dynamics of what your target audience wants, and then giving it to them without fail consistently.

Wise Scheduling: When blogging, do not set up automatic tweets. Basically, automatic tweets does not add that personal touch and decreases your control. If your goal is to provide valuable content to your followers then you should have a good tweeting schedule. There is not a fixed time schedule as to when you have to send out tweets. However, if you really want your followers to listen to what you are saying, then you should come up with a good schedule. Try to stick to this schedule as much as you can.

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In summary, using Twitter to build targeted traffic to your blog is all about knowing what steps and when to take them. Start applying the tips that we discussed here to see the results for you.

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