How to get employed as a mermaid

There is a variety of creatures in the world’s oceans. Some of them are real and some of them are stuff of lore. Many a tale of Neptune, Davy Jones Locker and mermaids are told over a pint of ale.

A mermaid is that beautiful creature of the ocean who is half fish and half human. She lures her inspecting victims with her beauty and drags them below the surface of the water. Apparently she is a mixture of the earth and ocean.She represents what the Greeks understood as a mystery of the sea. What did become of those unfortunate sailors?

All this is just Greek mythology but people do perform as mermaids. Even though they have tails they are still women, beautiful ones too.

Want to get a job as a mermaid?

One of the main requirements is your love of water. You’re swimming with a “tail” instead of two feet or swim fins so the action is distinctly different. First off you work as a model to learn about how to present yourself. You won’t be out in the ocean swimming for the sake of swimming most of the time. As you will be entertaining others a lot of the time, how you create a mystic presence, will be important. Other important considerations are how a camera works and different shooting angles. Get involved in the idea of the ocean. Understand the seas by talking to the likes of divers who are always in the water. See how their approach to the ocean works. Find one or two that are underwater photographers and get some shots to form a portfolio. You’re going to need that if you want to impress some prospective employers who may be considering you for their next mermaid.

Perform at kids parties to get the skill of performing down in such a way that it becomes natural to you. By not being too critical of you the kids can allow you get the performance just right.

You can either make or create your own mermaid tail.

One person who was a model and became a mermaid is Hannah Frasier. A tail that matches your body, created by you, is better than a copy. You want it to feel natural. It is better to have a certain shape so as to glide powerfully through the water. Make it you, Hannah says, be creative.

By following these steps, one day it may be you in that picture swimming with the whale or getting applause from a thrilled audience at a famous water park somewhere in the world.

I have had a constant interest in mermaids and mythical sea people. As part of the hobby, I write for this blog here which tells all about swimmable mermaid tails. Check out our latest post about the mermaids tail.