How To Improve Forex Trading Profitability

After learning the necessary skills in forex trading, such as fundamental and technical analysis, the next step is to improve your profitability. Some do this by reading forex books, working on trade psychology, or developing trade systems. However, there are some other ways to improve profitability without having to use additional resources. Here are some of them:

The first way is to consider adjusting your position size. When you start out as a trader, you are usually advised to risk a specified constant amount in proper risk management. However, when you start to step up your trading game, you should start thinking about adjusting your risk per trade to your level of confidence or the amount of risk entailed in the trade. For example, if you’re taking a trend setup or if re-tracement scenarios are your expertise, you can up your position size on that particular setup. If you’re jumping against the trend by picking tops or bottoms or if you are trading a news release, you can half the amount you risk in your account.

Second is learning how to adjust your trade strategy to the market environment. Newbie traders often take trades only when market sentiment aligns with their trade strategy, but it might be better for your profitability to have different strategies appropriate for various market environments. When markets are ranging, you can use indicators that detect ranges or potential breakouts. When markets are trending, you could favor Fibonacci re-tracement and extension levels. You should also have potential adjustments for increased or lower volatility.

Last is not being afraid to jump in. Traders often wait for better prices or re-tracements to hop in strong price movements but this can prevent you from being able to catch the trade at all. Learn how to determine if markets will still pull back or not before coming up with an entry strategy. Your observation of past price action, usually the reactions to major news releases, can guide you in figuring out if you should try to hop in the middle of a move or wait for a pullback to a better price.

These are just some of the basic tips that can help you make the most of the skills you already have in upping your potential profitability.

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