How to Polish A Car the Correct Way

Owning a clean car is nice, but having a sparkling one is a lot better! It is really not enough that you wash your car; you also need to polish it subsequently to give it that luster that makes heads turn. If you want your vehicle to look as if it came fresh out of the showroom floor, then you need to recognize how to polish car paint properly.

The Distinction Between Car Polish and Wax

Keep in mind that car polish is different from car wax. Car polish contains a mild abrasive that sands down some of the scratches, and it also contains filler that will cover up the scratches so they will not be seen. Car wax on the other hand is only put on after the car is polished to shield the car paint from getting harmed any further, and to give it a much deeper shine.

How to Polish Car Paint the Right Way

The very first thing that you unquestionably need to do before applying car polish is to wash and dry your car completely. You need to get all of the noticeable dirt off of the car’s paint or else you chance getting more scratches later. You also need to entirely dry your car using a microfiber towel because the polish will not take to your car’s paint if it is moist.

Once your automobile is completely dry, you should park it in your garage. Polishing under the sun will only make a tiresome process even more challenging, plus the sun might bake on the polish on your car’s paint. So make it a point to polish your car in the garage, or at the very least in the shade.

If you want to give your car a real showroom shine, then you need to use detailing clay. Detailing clay will pick up all of the minute contaminants that you cannot get out with normal car washing. It will add considerably more time to your chore, but the effort will be well worth it in the end.

When polishing, it is best to do one section of your car at a time, you should also divide up large sections to make things easier. Starting with the roof go down to the hood, the trunk, the quarter panels, and then finally the doors.

When applying the polish, use a steady pressure on the polishing pad, and use overlapping motions. It is recommended that you use a straight up and down motion, and not the swirling technique you learned while watching Karate Kid. Keep in mind that car polish includes abrasives, so if you use a circular motion you will only develop swirl marks on the paint.

Once you have applied polish throughout a section, use a microfiber towel and buff off the excess to uncover the smooth paint underneath. After you have finished polishing, you must then apply car wax to protect your car’s freshly polished paint.

Using these steps on how to polish car paint properly, you can now give your car a shine that you can be completely proud of.

Raymond Perez is an Internet Marketer who writes about car care tips.