How to survive a road trip with children

It really is vital you pull over at rest stops frequently. Your young children want to get out to stretch their legs at occasions, not only for their physical health, but for their mood also. Staying in the same spot can get on an adult’s nerves, but for children it’s no fun at all, trust me !.

If you are going to be driving a long distance, it’s important that you stay in a hotel overnight. Sure, it will be quicker to just drive right through the night, but when you have kids with you, this is not ideal. They need somewhere to have a good night sleep, and the backseat of a car just does not cut it. Plus, this also gives them a chance to have a bath and relax a little.

Nothing is worse than a hungry child, so be sure you have enough food with you for the trip. You can buy food at some restaurants, but sometimes, these are few and far between. It’s important that you have snacks and other food readily available so that you do not have to worry about when they will eat next.

Bring the kids’ favorite toys or video game systems with you. Children need to keep busy while on a road trip or you are going to be in for a very long trip. Allow them to bring some toys they like or let them play on their favorite video game system. Just do not forget to bring a variety of games for them to choose from!

Engage in travel games with kids as you travel. For instance, you can have them look at the license plats of passing cars and get them to find a license plate from each state. Or, you could play “the letter game” where they have to find objects from each letter of the alphabet. This will keep them busy and make the trip go by much quicker.

Bring a small DVD player for the trip. Permitting them to watch their favorite movie will distract them from the extended trip ahead and also put them in a relaxing mindset.

Put on some music for the whole family to enjoy. Have them sing along to their favorite songs. This will keep them busy and take their mind off the fact that they will be in the car for a while.

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