How To Take Care Of Teak Furniture

Teak patio furniture is the best quality patio furniture imaginable. Teak garden furniture is also very simple to care for. Teak has unique qualities that make it unmatched for use outside. Outdoor teak furniture needs very little care or maintenance to look good for many years.

Teak is one of the most costly woods. Nevertheless, we should come to the conclusion that teak outdoor furniture is a worthy investment because of its natural strengths.

It is smart to clean up your teak patio furniture sometimes to undo the collection of dust. Easiest way is to spray water using a hose under low pressure to wash the dirt off. Afterwards, with a soft-bristled brush, wash the surface of the wood delicately with a mixture of warm water, dishsoap, and a few tablespoons of bleach. If you use bleach too often is going to affect the color of the wood so adding bleach is up to your judgement. After this, rinse another time using clean water. Dry the surface using a towel to finish.

Teak furniture that is kept outside will by nature begin to slowly fade color from the golden honey tone of freshly cut wood to be a gray color. This process of teak fading to silver-gray is natural and merely affects the outer appearance. The process does not do anything to the longevity of your teak garden furniture.

A few people prefer the golden honey tone of brand new teak wood and buy teak oil in order to preserve it. However, teak oil is bad because it needs to be used every three or four once you begin using it. Oils can also improve the likelihood for mildew to form. A better idea is to apply teak sealer once a year after cleaning your teak garden furniture in order to try to maintain the golden shade.

You might opt to get a furniture cover to protect your teak patio furniture, in particular for the winter season or if your house is in an area that has a lot of dust. If you want to do so, be certain to buy furniture covers made with a breathable fabric. Do not buy a cover made from plastic which is going to collect moisture. This raises the possibility of mold and mildew forming on the surface of the wood.

Stubborn stains like coffee can be removed with sanding the outer most layer of the teak furniture. You can start with a grade medium sandpaper and after that finish with a fine grade sandpaper to make a smooth outer finish. Sanding is another method to bring out the honey coloring of teak wood because you are exposing a new level of teak wood which is still saturated with natural oils.

It doesn’t matter if your furniture is a teak gliding bench or a teak dining table, a little care will go far.

So you can see, your teak outdoor furniture is going to last many years with little care on your part. Because it lasts such a long time, teak is better than other varieties of hardwood. You can know that a teak dining set you purchase today should be handed down to your children.

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