How To Take Care Of Your Dual USB Wall Chargers

There are a lot of things about Vority DUO34AC dual USB wall charger that causes noise all over the internet. Smart Charge Technology has dramatically improved battery charging and power sourcing to a whole new level that doesn’t cause much stress when your device batteries have already run out.

This dual USB wall charger attracts both casual and professional users with its office and household-handy design that comes in white and black. It has two USB cable ports that are suitable for smart gadgets like phones and tablets by Apple, Android, and other leading brands.

The dual USB wall charger can be plugged into any wall socket with a 100V to 240 V AC power; therefore, it can be used in any country. The energy is then transferred to the two USB ports with different currents. The separation of currents allows two devices to be simultaneously charged at full speed, since the power is not shared.

Charging becomes quite a fast process, so that you can charge a lot of devices, two at a time, within just a few hours. The devices can even be used while they’re charging, so that no time is wasted.

This way, users will be able to find the right port for their device. Also, users won’t have to wait for their devices to finish charging before they could use them because Vority dual USB wall charger allows users to play and open their apps while charging.

Second, in taking your dual USB wall charger with you, always place it in the middle and not on the bottom or front portion of your bag. This is especially true for people who are sloppy with their bags and things. Especially to boys who tend to treat their bags as basketball and seems to like the idea of throwing their bags around. This is because your dual USB wall charger has really tiny parts especially inside the charger itself near the plugs.

It is specially designed to weigh just 92 grams and consume space with its smal dimensions at 2.6 x 2.1 x 1.1 inches. The advantage of it is that it not only charges two devices at once but also saves space for it doesn’t block the space intended for the other outlets. It is definitely larger than a regular wall charger, but considering its two-port feature, its size is just right to still let an additional charger use the other outlet.

It is also designed with specific USB ports for gadgets of different sizes. Devices that are small like smart phones, mp3 players, and Bluetooth headsets are for the 2.4A port, while bigger devices like iPads and e-readers are for the 1.0A port.

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Your purchase includes a 2 year warranty. Should you experience any problems with the product, you may have it repaired or replaced as you see fit.

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