How To Think When When You’re Betting

I start off with telling what most people are doing wrong when betting. They place bet with their feelings and intuition, often because they bet on their favorite team. A bet that “feels” right, is often the worst of all.

Why is it that way? It goes way back, it’s in our back bone. The ability to feel, and feel what to do, is the main reason humans have survived.

The evolution of human race hadn’t come this far if it wasn’t for the ability to make the right choices. And to back your choices up with something, you use the only measurement tool you had. Namely you feelings and senses.

Now you’re probably wondering what the heck this has to do with betting. I’ll try to explain.

As I said, the human race survived because of their ability to feel, but also by developing a mind that was able to learn form previous events. If a thing had worked before, it would work again, probably. And with the evolution to lean on, the individuals who was capable to make the best decisions in would survive.

Therefore it has always been an advantage to “feel” what to do. The intuition is our best friend in that situation.

But if you apply this to gambling, or betting, the same instinct very often will distract you from making a proper decision. You would filter everything through those feelings and make decisions from that, rather than taking the actual circumstances into a count.

Starting to get it? You must do this instinct to your friend and use it instead of fight against it. To do so, you have to do research. Take real statistics and get everything black on white. That way you can make the right decisions and bets based on the true facts, and not what you “feel” is right. So what you really need is a statistics base. Because what happened in the past will repeat itself. Again and again.

So where to find statistics? Think for a moment where you could easily find these statistics, and remember that both new stats and old stats are important. Not only the recent few games that have been played.

To help you there are some good programs that will help you, which provides you with good research of statistics. A good program and betting service should help you to easy scan the stats and be able to place a bet that are more well based than you have done ’til now. That way you are much more likely to really make money on your betting. So go and do your research now.

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