How To Use Blogging To Build An Affiliate Business

Despite the huge number of home businesses being created every month, there is one problem which dogs over 90% of affiliates regardless of whether their company is a brand new start-up or an industry giant such as Empower Network. That problem, of course, is that they join companies with the intention of being able to make money online but they simply don’t know how to build their business. Business is tough, and if you are to succeed you need to learn how to make the most of the various free methods available to you when you are starting out.

The main free marketing resources available to entrepreneurs include Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. While everybody has access to these on a regular basis, few make the most of them. Today’s tips focus on a much more overlooked aspect, writing blogs.

One of the easiest mistakes to make when trying to make money from home in your spare time is focusing too much on just one aspect and ignoring others. For instance, rather than building a solid platform across Youtube, Twitter and Facebook you’ll notice folks who spend all day on Facebook. That’s a road to nowhere. Take a look at how the top coaches and sponsors work on different aspects of marketing, then you’ll see why it’s important to focus on various aspects as opposed to just one thing. []

Despite the numerous benefits to writing regular blog content, which we will explore in just a moment, most entrepreneurs fail to take advantage of the opportunity within this particular resource. Not only is it easy, it’s quick. In fact you could be done in as little as 15 minutes.

However, there are two reasons why this can become a great marketing tool for any budding affiliate marketer or entrepreneur:

1) Branding yourself.

2) You’ll suddenly be able to access previously untapped customers who never used the other resources you were focusing on.

Personal branding is the most important aspect of achieving success with an online business. In a world where thousands of people are doing the same thing as you, you need to be able to stand out on your own from the crowd or you will get lost. By providing regular content, which can be decided entirely by you, you will be able to establish yourself as a leader within your chosen niche.

On top of this, you’ll notice that regular blog content allows you to target previously unreachable customers. It does this because you’ll be able to score high rankings in search results for whichever keywords you are targeting. Regular, fresh content which is helpful and professional will enable you to target your chosen niche very easily as search engines begin to place weight behind your website when it’s reputation grows in stature.

So how would you actually implement this into your current routine?

Simply start doing it every day. No matter what the subject is, there is generally a niche for it. If you are an affiliate working with a business like Empower Network you could write posts about your chosen company or tips helping others to succeed in their quest to make money online in their spare time. If you are trying to establish yourself as an expert with a favorite hobby or pastime, you could put together blog posts which go a little more in depth than your Youtube videos, enabling you to grow your fan base there while simultaneously breaking into search engine results, too.

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