I Was Delighted To Find Some Fantastic Car Haulers For My Business

My brother and I had been discussing the idea of starting our own auto transport business for a long time, and one of the first things we had to do was to locate some car haulers. We did have a car carrier that could carry up to five cars at a time, but some of our clients were worried about their cars and wanted them to be covered a bit more as they made their way across the country. This persuaded us that we would need to buy some covered trailers to put our clients minds at ease.

We determined to go back to the manufacturer that we had gone to get our trailers, but sadly they did not have anything that we wanted. We thanked them for their assistance, but we couldn’t figure out where we ought to go next to try and locate what we needed. While we were trying to decide what to do, we got a call from a client who wanted his Corvette moved from Portland to Las Vegas, which meant we needed to get our car haulers right away.

I went and got a newspaper to check the classified ads, but was again discouraged, although not very surprised to see that they didn’t have what we were looking for there either. But thankfully, my brother had the idea to go on the Internet and do a search for trailers for sale, and we immediately found a great website that had a bunch of trailers that were just what we wanted.

They had a huge selection of trailers, everything from box trailers to the enclosed trailers like we wanted to provide for our high-end clients that we definitely wanted to impress. We noticed that there were some that looked perfect and they were not that far away, so we determined to drive out and take a look. We were feeling optimistic about it, so my brother and I both drove our own trucks with a trailer hitch, so that if they worked out, we would be able to buy them and drive them home right away.

When we got there, the trailers were exactly as advertised and we could tell that they were well built and would last for many years of average wear and tear from the road. Most importantly, luxury cars could be taken to and fro in complete safety, which was going to work out very nicely for our new little company. We bought the trailers right there, and it was a fantastic feeling driving them back to our office feeling confident about the future of our business.

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