Illinois Congress Candidate 2014 Quality Leadership

The world atlas gives us a clear indication that the earth is divided into continents. Every continent is further subdivided into countries. No matter how they were formed, these countries have a system of government. The state forms part of the greater nation called the United States of America. This is a state that will be exercising its right to elect leaders in the year 2014. Every Illinois congress candidate 2014 must be put to the test. Citizens of Illinois will exercise their democratic right to give to themselves the best leader.

As an advanced nation in the world, the United States has a better representative leadership style. Leaders are elected right from the grass root. Its congress is divided into two chambers. These are the House of Representatives and the Senate. Both representations are elected. The state has more than one hundred state representative and fifty nine senate members. The General Assembly must have a quorum of one hundred and eighteen members. This two-tier legislature is regulated by the constitution.

There are various requirements for one to be elected to the General Assembly. Age is one very important factor. One must be 21 years and above. Citizenship to the United States of America is another significant requirement. You must be a U. S citizen. One must also have been a resident in the district he or she wants to represent for at least 2 years.

The United States is a country that values democracy. This flows down to its states, Illinois included. Despite having major political parties, a candidate can vie on any other party. Independent candidates are also allowed. Voters must have attained the age of eighteen years and above. In order to be eligible to vote, a voter must have been a permanent resident in the State for the past 30 days before elections.

The state is divided into eighteen congressional districts. Each district produces candidates who must be elected through the ballot box. Once elected these district representatives become the Illinois state representatives. Elections for these representatives will be held in November 2014. This election will be held the same time with the federal elections. It will also coincide with other state offices, the Illinois Governor election and the United States senate.

All legislative powers belong to both houses. This is granted by the United States constitution. Both the House of Representatives and the Senate form the General Assembly. The two chambers are also equal partners in legislation matters. However there are some unique powers granted to each chamber. In case of any impeachment to go through, the senate is supposed to have two thirds majority in voting in favor.

A sitting congress season lasts for a period of two years. The senators and the congressmen or congresswomen can be re elected or thrown out for another two years. Their obligation to the electorate is what matters most.

Both chambers must work towards moving the economy of the state and the nation to the best level possible. Candidates must be vetted and made to make good representation

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