Importance Of The Florida Concealed Weapons Class

Each individual who desires to carry a concealed weapon is required to attend a Florida concealed weapons class. The student must be at least 18 years old and in good standing with the law; however, only those 21 and older will be eligible to receive a permit. The student must not have a physical disability that will hinder the applicant from using the weapon correctly.

Under the Florida statues, Section 790.06 classifies a concealed weapon as a weapon that is intentionally hid from view of another person. This includes knives, billies, hang guns, tear gas guns, electronic weapons or electronic devices. Although the person is permitted to carry a weapon for self-defense, a separate law regulates the actual use of the weapon.

Before submitting an application, each person must attend a training class. As part of the instructions, the students will learn about safety and firing. The applicant will also have their application notarized and passport photos taken.

To make the process easier, the applications are available on line; however, each one has an individual tracking number. This means they cannot be duplicated. After mailing in the complete package, the process generally takes up to 6 weeks. It may take longer if the person has a criminal background. Every license is approved for 7 years.

Although the applicant is permitted to use their personal handgun, they are prohibited from carrying a loaded gun into the classroom. The instructor will provide ammunition. Depending on the class, the instructor may provide beginners and one-on-one courses.

Individuals with certain convictions are ineligible to receive a permit. Anyone who was convicted of domestic abuse, a felony or any other type of violent crime will not receive a license. Individuals with a controlled substance or an alcohol related conviction are also ineligible. Regardless of the type of permit held, a person with a weapon is prohibited from entering in a school, sheriff office, jail, detention center or court.

About five months before the license is due to expire, the permit holder will receive a reminder. The license expiration date is printed on the license. The application can be sent directly to the Division of Licensing main office or to any one of the regional offices. In order to complete, the application at the regional office the form must be unsigned and the applicant is required to make an appointment. At the office, the staff will notarize and take the required photos without an additional cost.

The purpose of a Florida concealed weapons class is to make sure people are correctly educated in weapon safety. The instructors will also advise every student of any law changes. The student will learn how to instruct others the house about weapon safety.

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