Interesting Features Of Dual USB Wall Charger

Are you a traveler who is constantly on the go and enjoying your journey to different places around the world? Are you a person who is constantly travelling overseas for business, family concerns, or leisure vacations? If the answer is yes, read on because you will find the dual USB wall charger very useful.

All in One Power Source

There are many reasons why people travel. For the rich and the middle class, their purpose for travelling is mostly for business or enjoyment. For the poor, their purpose for travelling is mostly to find greener pastures abroad.

Regardless of why or how you are travelling, it is highly likely that you will have your gadgets with you all the time. This means that you have the need to keep your gadgets and devices powered up and ready to be used whenever you need to wherever you are. Thus, the necessity of a dual USB wall charger.

* you can simultaneously charge two tech gadgets without sacrifice on charging speed and power.

It’s a practical way to ensure that you can charge your gadgets anytime you need to. If you are travelling, you can fit the charger in your backpack or purse.

You cannot wait to have one finish charging first to charge the next gadget. A dual USB wall charger is exactly what you need to get the job done in no time.

There is no guess work involved when using a dual USB wall charger like the Vority-DUO34AC. It is convenient enough for anyone to use it. It is just like any other charger except that it can charge two gadgets at the same time. As long as you can tell which USB cable goes with which type of gadget, you will do just fine. Just plug it in and check if the LED light is on. If it is lit, then you can go and do other tasks while your phone and gadget are charging.

You can choose to plug in your mobile phone and your iPad simultaneously and be ready to go within a short period of time. The reason for this is that the charger has 2 USB cables. It will work with 2.4 A ports usually for tablets and 1.0A ports usually for mobile phones.

Not only that, you can also charge them at full speed and power. Therefore, it will not take you a number of hours to fully charge your mobile phone and your iPad. You can even utilize them to for calls and surfing the internet while charging them. If this is the case, then the Vority-DUO34AC dual USB wall charger will be perfect for your purpose.

This eliminates the potential problems that people encounter with overcharging or short circuits.

The Vority-DUO34AC can be used in 100V-240V AC power outlets. This means that it is versatile enough to use wherever you are around the world. The materials used in making this charger are also of high quality and are fire proof. Even if it is capable of charging two gadgets at the same time, the speed and power of charging are not compromised. The manufacturer is confident of the quality of this charger and extends a warranty for free replacements of parts within two years of purchase. Using the Vority-DUO34AC, of course, starts with reading the User’s Manual for any special instructions or precautions that you might not know about. Even if this is an ordinary gadget accessory that works the same way as all other similar products work, it would not hurt to read about exactly what it is made of and how it should be used.

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