Interesting Young Adult Book Reviews

Past time reading enriches one with a holistic knowledge of various topics. Apart from making you updated on world trends it also improves your communication abilities. It is with reasons that we came up with these recommended young adult book reviews.

The House Girl by Tara Conklin. A lot of stories that we are yet to narrate are reminded to us by this book. Interesting knowledge on name and tale for distinct slave is well put although it is a fictional book. Some aspects of truth that can validate some of the deceptions that have been infiltrated throughout history are well placed in the book.

Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell. This love story is of an Asian learner called Park that falls in love with Eleanor who is girl that is constantly being bullied at school. The characters are unique and truly outstanding. The reader is able to understand what happens to the characters at exact moment through its amazing and realistic description.

The Raft by S. A. Bodeen. It depicts the story of Robie who resolves to return home from her aunt in Honolulu. She informs neither her parents nor her aunt. Robie turns out stressed to survive in the open sea after the plane she boarded crashes into the ocean. The geographical descriptions, sea life and weather are accurately depicted portraying how it can be like trying to survive for days on a raft.

Flame by Amy Kathleen Ryan. This third addition of the Sky Chaser Series is as exciting just like the rest. Kieran and Waverly want to endorse a peaceful existence but forgetting all that they have been through including all their dead shipmates becomes difficult. Anne Mathers is finding difficulties in controlling her ship and Waverly for the first time starts realizing the person that made her to become evil. Surprises are in plenty and its ending unpredictable, something that should intrigue the fans.

The Distance between us and Reyna Grande. It is true story that depicts the life of Reyna Grande who got sneaked in to the U. S. From Mexico by her father. Life turns out hard as she settles with her step mum and her father who she has hardly stayed with in her previous life. Reyna holds on to her dreams full of hope amidst the harsh reality that hits her. The book highlights vividly the lives of immigrants and their breaking social ties and also the reasons for emigrating from Mexico.

Running for my Life by Lopez Lomong. It depicts the true story involving Lopez Lomong who got kidnapped when he was six years old and conscripted as a child soldier. He lived in refugee camp for about ten years after he had managed to escape. He was taken from the refugee camp and taken to the U. S. Where he was taken in by a loving family. Hardship faced lost boys in Sudan are well illustrated in this book.

Aside from keeping you company the books will increase your knowledge on several subjects. The books are worth reading and their creative and exciting skills will definitely carry you away. For readers who are reluctant, these books are definitely for you.

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