Introducing Facebook: App Links Allow Deep Links Between Mobile Apps

Unlike the Internet where you can hop from one page to the next just by clicking on hyperlinks, when it comes to Android devices and their applications, you can’t like from one app to the next. What usually happens is that after you’re done with one app, you need to close that app and then open another app.

The way that Google and other search engines rank websites is by popularity, using a number of different variables. Some of these come from links from different IP addresses on different websites, and also from social media signals. Apps that you use on your phone have, up until recently, simply been a great way to earn revenue by the sale of the apps. Now, there is a Facebook app that allows you to do deep links between mobile apps, allowing you to get more attention to the products that you are selling online.

In other words, it mimics linking on the PC-based web. If you want to know how to publish App Link meta data, go to the HTML source of your page and add a few programming lines to the head tag.

The AppLink feature relinquishes the need for web URL by crawling the web automatically to find a compatible app for a mobile OS version and then install it to the device. This means users will no longer have to visit websites to find compatible apps for their smartphones or mobile devices. This feature through all that pain for you hence easing your user experience when looking for a specific app.

If you have a business, and you would like to tap into mobile traffic, this is the next away to start connecting with PC users, and cellular phone users, driving more traffic to your products and services.

Benefits Of Using App Links – The reason that App Links is so useful is because it has so much versatility. It is open and accessible to everyone, and also has open source SDKs. It is truly cross-platform, working with most major mobile platforms, with many more being added every day. You also have the ability to use the Facebook index API in order to make the determination as to whether or not your URL can be deep linked. Hopefully this new announcement will motivate you to get into the development of mobile applications to increase revenues for your company. Even if you do not have a website, you will make it very easy for you to publish your links using something called Parse, to take advantage of all that App Links has to offer. Find out more about this innovative mobile application today. – Social SEO Pro is a social media site aimed at uncovering the advantages & disadvantages by providing an insightful Future of Wealth 2.0 Review.