Is Global Domains International Too Good To Be True?

Is Global Domains International a scam? This comprehensive article covers all legal aspects and answers the question on everybody’s lips. Is GDI simply too good to be true or does it represent the safe home business it claims to represent?

While very appealing in terms of potential earnings and the possibility of becoming your own boss, information on the safety and legality of GDI’s home business is not so forthcoming.

This difficulty in confirming exactly what the company does and what it offers often leads inexperienced members to label it too good to be true. A pyramid scheme. A get rich quick idea which won’t work. But is it really or is there actually a safe side to GDI?

If you are looking at GDI as a potential home based business for you or your family, the good news is it’s completely safe and legal. There is no hint of any wrong doing at all from GDI, indeed the company is a very well established online brand and has the approval of several noteworthy sites of authority, including…

* GDI is approved by the FTC.

* Approved and certified by the Better Internet Bureau.

* A certified Direct Selling Association member.

A fortune 500 company, GDI was featured by the renowned Inc Magazine in 2006 at number 37 on the list of the top five hundred fastest growing companies in America. So why is there even a hint of a possible scam with all of this authority backing? It’s affiliate plan, of course.

When looking at the products alone you can see where GDI’s appeal lies. With each member receiving their own .ws website domain and hosting, they are able to put their hobby online and perhaps even turn it into a long term income for their family. This is where GDI really sells itself.

Did you ever hear the expression, if it looks too good to be true it probably is..? In terms of GDI, this expression comes to mind when looking at the potential earnings you could make as a company affiliate. They encourage you to take in the big numbers, use an income calculator to work out the figures to see for yourself, and this actually does more harm than good. Surely it can’t be true? It can’t be that easy…. It actually is, though. the earnings are completely real, completely safe, totally legal, but the fact is over 80 per cent of affiliates get nowhere near the earnings they dream of…

If you are looking for a way to work from home online in your spare time then yes, the business you are looking for could be Global Domains International. Whether or not you will make the most of it however, well, that could be an entirely different matter.

About the author: Russ Howe is a world leading GDI coach. Are you really ready to make the most of this company? Set up your exclusive Global Domains International marketing system and kickstart your GDI business now.