It All Points Out To Perfection Vority Dual USB Wall Charger

Are you looking for the ideal charger that is not merely ordinary, but extraordinary or a charger that will make you go “wow”?

There are a lot of chargers in the market nowadays. How can you possibly choose? In just 7 points, one can wrap up that the Vority dual USB wall charger is a fantastic investment and defines charger excellence.

Quick Features of DUO34AC- It provides the charging speed that most power hungry devices such as iPad Air/4 and other tablets require.

It can charge your smartphone and your tablet at the same time at fast speed without power sharing. You can even play games, transfer files via Bluetooth, listen to music or watch videos while charging.

This charger is exceptionally fast! Vority has managed to design a USB socket with 2.4 amperes which allows your devices to charge at their maximum speed levels, especially the iPad 4 and the iPad air.

The other USB socket provides 1 ampere which is required for most of our mobile phones and other smaller gadgets like cameras.

Other Special Features of Vority

This innovation eliminates multiple chargers being plugged in to your wall sockets or maybe even the excessive usage of multi-plug adapters and extension wires due to the numerous chargers.

You can plug it in with AC input from 100V to 240 Voltz anywhere. This dual USB wall charger complies with the FCC, CE and RoHS clean green policy.

It is made of fire resistance and high temperature resistance material for your own safety. The trendy DUO34AC is lightweight, handy, compact and has a foldable US prong which makes it very mobile and simple that you can place it in your purse or luggage.

What is Included in the Package?

Fourth, its design eliminates a lot of problems concerning space. This perfect dual USB wall charger is designed to be small so that it won’t obstruct the other wall sockets nearby. The small and slim style makes it easy to pack in your bag as well.

Dual USB Port Design

It has two USB ports, one with 5Volts/ 2.4 amperes /12 watts for mobile phone, tablets and any compatible devices. The other port has 5 Volts /1.0 amperes / 5 watts for MP3, phones, GPS navigation devices. The charging current is limited in each individual port’s capacity.

Flexible prongs

This dual USB wall charger does not overcharge. It stops automatically once the device is fully charged. It can charge Apple iPad Air / 4/3 /2, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3/2, iPhone 5S/5C/5 / 4S/4/3GS, Bluetooth, Cameras, Battery Cases, Speakers/Headset, Power Banks & Most of USB2.0 / USB3.0 Powered Devices.



The Vority dual USB wall charger DUO34AC can provide power to any power hungry devices, thus if you are a traveler and you need to bring along all of your devices with you, this wall charger is the best partner so you will not run out of power.

Johny Jacson is an expert charger. To find out everything about the Best Dual Wall USB Charger, visit his website at Vority Dual Wall Charger.