James Malinchak Shares Who Truly Is In Control Of Your Entrepreneur Business

A lot of you claim to be in charge of your own business, however, depending on how you answer some questions about your business; I’ll bet that many of you are NOT in charge of your own business. You’re likely offended responding, “What makes you, James Malinchak, dare to say I’m not in charge of my business?” Well, if you allow your employees, your partner, your family, and your customers drive your prices, your location, your times of business, and your service rules then you are NOT in charge of your business. Everybody else who dictates what you are doing is in charge of your business.

I realize these comments may put you on the defensive, but I never claimed to be anything but honest and blunt with you. Therefore, you need to consider who is in charge of the decision making processes. For example, would you consciously allow an employee tell you how to operate your business? At one point, I had a coaching client who was at a consultation appointment with me in Vegas. As we talked, I mapped out this entire structure of how to lay out her memberships from one year to the next in such a way that they don’t drop off. This way would retain the clients for over three years

I will never forget what she said in response. I adore this client as she is a sweetheart, just like you want to hug her every time you’re around her. I will never forget. She responds with a head shake and a frown, “Oh, my office manager will never go for that plan.” In a gut reaction, I said, “Oh, yeah she will or she will not be your office manager for long.” With that light bulb moment switched on, she said, “Oh, I never thought about that.”

I said, “Here is how to explain it, and here is how to explain the value to that person working for you so that she gets it, and she gets onboard.” Then, I asked her, “For your business that you own who does the business really belong to?” She goes, “Me.” I said, “What do you mean she will not go for it? If this is what you want to do and since you are paying me heck of a lot of money to sit here to give you this information on the fastest way to the cash based on what I think, I promise you she would go for it, or she would go.”

From my perspective, it will take my office manager about 2 seconds to tell me that before I sent her packing to go elsewhere. People work for me. It’s my business. It is run my way. Now, if they have something to share that would benefit the business then I welcome them to share those ideas. However, a refusal to do things my way would be a boot out the door. You are the only one who should be in charge of how you run your business. It belongs to you and should fit your lifestyle.

After suggesting that employees listen or go out the door, my client called me up about two weeks later revealing, “I fired my office manager.” I said, “Great because she was not onboard.” I mean you are going back to the business to try to make it run more smoothly so that everybody benefits. You serve the customers better, and you are getting resistance from somebody that wants to blame, complain, and moan. “That’s not going to work.” Let him or her go somewhere else. If you are not in charge of your business, then make the decision fire those that think they are in charge! It’s not about being mean; it’s about you and YOUR business. It should fit you, and you should do it the way you want to do it. Employees should not and cannot forget whom they work for because it is for you.

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