Jiffy Pellets For Planting

Marijuana seeds can be planted in all sorts of mediums. A common one is the peat pellet, often called a Jiffy Pot. They are made of dry compressed peat and covered with a thin netting.

They increase in size 7 times when soaked in water. Once expanded they will be about 2 inches by 2 inches. They are great for starting all sorts of plants, including marijuana seeds.

Using Jiffy pellets combines the functions of pots, soil, warmth and even watering. This makes your planning and planting easier. Start in a warm location, such as the kitchen table, counter or a greenhouse. Get all your supplies ready.

Some seeds can be started right outdoors, but some benefit from an early indoor start. You move them outside when the weather gets better. This gives you a jump on the weather.

How early you start is up to you. The last frost date for your area will be available online, at nurseries or in the Farmer’s Almanac. You can grow some plants quite large before you move them outside.

Put the pellets, circle side up, in a watertight tray. Slowly add very warm water to the tray. The pellets will be soft and dark brown when fully expanded. Pour off any excess water. Check for PH (you want 6.5-7.0)

You can germinate the seeds outside the pellets, in water or paper towels. You can also just plant them right into the pellets. Cover the seeded pellets with a Gro-Dome or some sort of plastic cover to retain moisture until germination occurs.

Put the tray in a warm place. When the seeds start germinating and showing signs of life remove the cover. Put them under lights so the seedlings can start growing.

Only water when the tops of the pellets dry out. Don’t over water or leave standing water in the container. Start fertilizing when the seedlings get a few sets of leaves.

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