Jobs on line: Communication, Publicity and Design

Teleworking is the ideal choice for people that looking for an autonomous work or who can not spend 8 hours in a standard job (scholars, mums with babies, retirees, etc..) And seek an alternative Internet work, which can devote half time. We have already discussed in other articles of the amount of categorical areas where you can offer your services or land a job online, here we develop the potential in the area of ?? communications, advertising and design.

Writing and publishing

You can summarize books, write articles for websites or blog, edit drafts, PR releases make products or services and write copy for advertising or copywriting. These are the most typical tasks needed in the area of ?? writing and can contribute very well when is mixed with knowledge of scientific subjects.

Online Marketing

Teleworkers specialised in selling can earn earnings online performing tasks such as building shopper databases, writing and sending electronic bulletins or newsletters, making for Google Ad words, development of promotions for corporations, designing online direct marketing strategies, write positive comments in forums and blogs to make traffic to a website of a business among others. There is a part very specialized web based promoting and it is creating a large supply of roles is the internet and social internet marketing, which we will explain in finer detail. (Trabajos en Casa)

Social Network Marketing

Social networks became the way in folk typically associated on the Web. If a young person spends a mean of 2 hours per day on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, twenties, Youtube or Myspace, it makes sense for firms invest cash to market their products on social networks. One of those jobs or professions which are growing each day thanks to the successfulness of social networking is “Community Manager”, which is in command of handling the entire promotional strategy that will keep a company in their social networks. Online there are plenty of specialized articles and free educational DVDs where you can teach about promoting on social networks and permit you to make this work on the web as a source of income.

Editorial, graphic and multi-media elaborations

In this area you can find an alternative if you have awareness of publishing, graphic design or multimedia. Companies can apply to teleworkers development of symbols, including the planning of the entire company image to be used in all of their physical and digital communications, but also the packaging design for products, the creating of original pictures and retouched photographs for use on posters, billboards, commercials, flyers, banners and other method of communication and promotion. Similarly, publishing firms need professionals who design their books and magazines. The works are usually needed in digital format, but could also order them already released.

Search for information (Information broking)

This work online is perfect for those that like to research. Many executives or firms may request your services for you to help you find the info they need in this sea of information that is the Web. It is best to concentrate on a selected area to give higher value to your work.

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