Katadyn Pocket Filter Facts

Due to the fact that we do not have a completely clean and safe water source for drinking and consumption, there is an ever increasing demand for products and water treatment equipment that provides a more secure and contaminant-free water source. These products are actually very important, especially for people who don’t usually stay at home, like, for example, those who like to take on outdoor challenges, frequent travelers, and those in the field of service, like soldiers and medical workers. As a result, more and more companies nowadays are committed to bringing products to consumers who possess water treatment functions to finally provide consumers with the safest and cleanest drinking water they need.

It is unfortunate to know that water accessible to many of us is not even safe for drinking. While we still drink it, it does not deny the fact that majority of water coming from natural water sources contain different kinds of contaminants and pollutants. These elements can be the source of water-related illness and diseases. However, the sad thing is that most of us have actually gotten used to drinking it even without thinking the same is unsafe and dirty.

However, then again, we can still look at the problem on the brighter side. It’s good to hear that there are actually a bunch of products sold today that are primarily designed and built to clean and filter contaminant rich water in order to make the same clean and safe for drinking. One of these products is the Katadyn pocket filter. It is a product that is advertised as a micro pocket filter made using heavy duty material combined with a patented impregnated ceramic element. It’s a pocket filter which belongs in a class of few that possess an advanced filtering method for the purpose of filtering and getting rid of small microns of bacteria and contaminants that live in water.

While there are several other water treatment tools and systems, you can purchase in stores, the majority of them are actually disposable filters. What it means is that they can only be used once and when the filter is used, it’s as good as throwing it away. However, the Katadyn pocket filter is distinctive in such a way that the filter can actually be cleaned and washed for several times before rendering it useless.

This product works quite effectively because it has the ability to detect and then filter tiny and almost invisible microorganisms that commonly thrive in water. It can even detect and get rid of bacteria and protozoa that measure 0.2 microns.

There is really much to expect from the Katadyn pocket filter. Aside from being effective water treatment equipment, it also comes with a small and portable size, making it perfect for people who don’t have constant times to access clean and safe drinking water. Moreover, the silver impregnated ceramic element makes the same very efficient in fighting off bacteria residing in the water. However, the most essential feature would be the ability to filter and get rid of microorganisms with a size of 0.2 microns or bigger.

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