Know Everything About Customs Clearance Procedures

Know Everything About Customs Clearance Procedures

Whenever there is a business need for you to do a transaction out of your country, it is very basic and compulsory to know about the various custom clearance procedures and become a master of that. In all countries, there are specific government officials located for examining and making customs clearance process. So whether doing an import or export transaction you do, you should be aware of the various customs clearance procedures.

When doing import and export clearance, there are some predefined cost structures defined by each country’s designated customs department. Generally, for all such transactions, an unloading fee, declaration form submission fee, examining fee, packing check fee etc will be applicable. There are also other types of costs, which are dependent on the regulatory guidelines and the customs clearance procedures defined by the recipient country.

The business should also be aware of the various reasons why the customs clearance department will make the goods hold for a long time. For example, if your airway bill is showing a value that is entirely different from the sales invoice that you are showing, then there will be a chance of making your goods stuck in the customs department. So what you should ensure here is to make clear and same-value documents and not with any fake documents.

Though there are costs involved in the customs clearance process as explained above, there are some extra fees, which is known as penalties. These kinds of penalties will not be applicable for all transactions but wherever there is a violation, then there will be a penalty. For example, if the receipts of the goods are not properly reported with proper volume and density, then that will be considered as a violation and you will be charged a penalty for the same. These penalties will result to make you to pay more amounts if you fail to pay within the deadline. This extra amount is a predefined percentage of interest from the customs department.

A faster customs clearance process is the expectation of every business nowadays. Any delays in the customs clearance process may result in huge losses to businesses. To address this, customs clearance departments started using electronic applications. To facilitate the entire process, some specific predefined format of applications should be submitted during the customs clearance process.

The most basic document involved in the customs clearance process is nothing but the commercial or sales invoice. In a more clear way, the invoice should contain the actual value of the goods, the date of sale, quantity of goods, unit value, total value etc. The terms of delivery and also the terms of payment made will also be validated in the customs clearance process.

You should work with the customs officer to make the smooth process of your goods. Whatever the documents required by the officer, all such documents should be readily available to you and you should provide all the clear details. This will help the officer to make fast clearance and also it will be good for you to save more time and effort.

It can be time-consuming and frustrating to navigate through the different customs clearance process procedures. This makes it important to hire professionals who can do the work for you. This can in turn help you to save a lot of time while ensuring that you do not make costly mistakes in the process.

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