Labelmate P300 Review

The Labelmate P300 is the industries best reel to reel label printer. It is said to be one of the very best printing solutions for those with production applications. If you plan on doing any high volume label printing you will be impressed with this printer. You can print a roll of labels in less than five minutes.

The Labelmate P300 is the perfect printer for adding information to pre-printed labels. The print files are generated using a standard personal computer, and it includes all the required software. The software generates a file that is transferred to the Labelmate P300 print head through a USB Flash Drive. The best part is that the layout can be saved to the print head controller’s built in memory and removed once the task has been finished.

The new Labelmate P300 is a mix of the well-known PM-300 printer mechanism and the micron controller. The system uses the reliable HP TIJ 2.5 technology.

The Labelmate P300 uses the standard HP inkjet cartridge. It will print text, barcodes, graphics, variable counter and dates at speeds up to one hundred and fifty labels per second, at 300DPI. The print height is 12.7mm. The printhead can be placed to print anywhere on a label of almost 100mm by 140mm.

The extremely low cost of the consumables, makes the machine extraordinarily economical and ecological. A large range of ink types are available, which allows you to choose the best cartridge for whatever task you may have.

Printhead Capabilities:

– Barcodes, text graphics, variable counter and dates.
– UNICODE compatible layout software.
– Counter and dates with digits in roman, arab, farsi or user defined characters.
– Low ink alarm with user-definable level.
– Print height 12,7mm (1/2″).
– User-definable resolution: 300 DPI, 300×150 DPI, 150×150 DPI, 150×75 DPI and 75×75 DPI. A special model for 600×300 DPI is available upon request.

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