Learn How To Stop Radiator Leaks With A Lincoln Park Auto Repair Company

A radiator that leaks is trouble just waiting to happen. Instead of constantly adding water or coolant, you should have the leak fixed as soon as possible. Your local Lincoln Park auto repair service is there to help with this type of problem and here are some helpful tips for dealing with leaky radiators.

Your cooling system must stay full of coolant to keep the motor at the proper operating temperature. Check the coolant level regularly each time the oil is checked. If you are low on coolant, this is a sign that you have a leak somewhere in your cooling system.

Some radiator leaks are difficult to detect. In fact, it may only leak while the motor is running and heat from the engine may evaporate the coolant quickly. Yet, you can tell if there is an antifreeze leak, because you may notice a sweet or unpleasant odor coming from the motor.

Hoses are a major cause of coolant system leaks, and leaky hoses can give the appearance of a radiator leak. For instance, a coolant bottle hose may be cracked and coolant will run down the side of the radiator. Many times, you can fix this problem temporarily to avoid being stranded. That is why you should keep vinyl tape in the glove box, as it can slow down or stop many leaks.

Maybe you notice that coolant is leaking from the radiator cores. This can often be fixed with the use of leak stopper products. However, these products are best used for temporary repairs. Some leak stoppers will result in excess corrosion and actually cause more problems over time.

When you experience a leaky radiator, take it to your Chicago automotive professionals. Most leaks will only get worse over time, and an overheated engine can result in expensive repairs. Your Lincoln Park auto shop has all the right tools to clean and repair radiators, and they guarantee the results.

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