Locating A Florida Concealed Weapons Permit Class

A Florida concealed weapons permit class gives you the necessary training and certification to satisfy state laws required before you can be issued a CCW permit. The state does not currently have an open carry provision, meaning you cannot simply carry a weapon in the open in public. There are several ways that you can meet the requirements and obtain the needed license.

There are several ways to find a class. Those that have been in the military or were trained as armed security guards do not usually have to have additional training. Everyone else must take the required course and receive certification. Several private companies, the NRA, firing ranges, and the police academy usually offer these courses.

The Division of Licensing provides the licenses through the Department of Agriculture. They are valid for up to seven years, after which time they will need to be renewed. When you attend your appointment, you need to bring all of your paperwork, including the application, certification evidence, and license fee. During this appointment your fingerprints will be obtained and stored.

All applicants will submit to a background check. This is current state law and does not allow for any exceptions. Currently the law is a shall or will issue requirement. This means that as long as you pass the background check and meet the certification requirements you will be issued a license.

The costs for the CCW are minimal. Some courses are offered free through various organizations. Others will generally charge a small fee ranging from around $20 up to $100. The law requires a four-hour training course to issue a certification. If you are not sure where to begin, you can search the Internet or contact your local sheriff for advice on obtaining a license. Friends that hunt can also offer advice because they have already had to take the courses. Prices for the license change as the law is updated but is over $100.

Limitations are placed on when and where you can carry your weapon. Even with a proper license, both federal and state law places limitations to prevent people from carrying guns into courthouses, police stations, voting areas, and other government and school locations. The courses should provide you with this information. It will be very important to familiarize yourself with these limitations so you do not get in trouble by inadvertently carrying your gun into a prohibited area.

Reciprocity with other states allows permit from Florida conceal their weapon in those states. Currently over 30 states allow your license to be valid as you travel in and through their state. If you choose to carry your weapon as you travel, it is imperative that you be aware of what states allow this and what their laws on regarding storage and transport.

Taking a Florida concealed weapons permit class gives you the knowledge you need to safely carry your weapon in a concealed manner. The courses teach you safety and the laws that are associated with CCW. It is up to you to take the courses and familiarize yourself with the laws and limitations provided.

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