Los Angeles Horseback Riding Adventures

It’s questionable you’ll find the angels if you go trying to find them in L. A. , but you’ll have an angelic experience if you try some horseback riding in and around that city. California isn’t just the Golden State, it is also the Equine State, though there are a couple of other American states that may lay claim to that title. If you can’t find what you want in California by way of equine journeys, it doesn’t exist some place else in the world. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for your first horseback experience, or your thousandth. It doesn’t matter either if you are on your honeymoon, on an anniversary outing with your wife or on a vacation with your family. Nor does it matter if you are part of a group of work comrades, some club or organisation members. There is no difference, either, in your riding Western or English. If you happen to be looking for horseback adventure, California has everything you need. And the area in and around L. A. is one of the equine hearts of the state.

Pony play in LA means wonderful beaches, astounding surf, great sunrises, stunning sunsets and a good deal of sunlight. You can canter or gallop along the beaches, take swimming/sun worshipping breaks and go in for a couple of more rides before you retire for a rest, a bath and a great dinner. But that’s not all you can do in and around L. A.. You can head away from the city, to any of the loads of miles of trails leading everywhere and nowhere.

You can rush through an hour’s ride or you can take an extended vacation of a week or more. You can join up in tours where they take you treasure hunting and antique buying. In the City of Angels, you can even get customized toilet seats. You can do splendidly exotic things like ride the Topanga Canyons and soak in the surprising vistas of oaks, chaparral, sycamores and sage before dining at Abuelitas. If you’re holidaying with your spouse, fiance or girlfriend, you can enjoy the most romantic of stays at the Hotel of the 7th Ray.

You can spend the day riding at some training stable or a pony club. You and your companions can learn riding for the first time or improve on your riding talents at a riding school. There is a lot to be said also about taking riding lessons in the evening at the Tumbleweed Twilight Riding Stables.

There is one exotic way to see inside Los Angeles: the trams. There is one even more exotic way to see the exterior of Los Angeles: on horseback.

You can book your vacation thru any of thousands of travel agents, or you can do your own direct booking. Before you make a last decision, make positively sure you are choosing the right package: check to determine what it offers, what it costs, what costs are concealed and what restrictions exist (like age limitations and number of members of group limitations). Get some testimonials. Perform a little research on just how pro the people you are going to be dealing with are. California is horse country, and the right set of folk can make your trip a dream experience.

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